Sculpture Live

Directed by   SoWhat Type   Live Performance Duration   2:31 minutes Filed under   Issue One
Dan Hayhurst and Reuben Sutherland are sculpture: an experimental performance duo working with live music and zoetrope projections. Dan mixes live music with archaic sound equipment whilst Reuben simultaneously projects animated images on to the walls from atop spinning records . This edit is taken from a recent performance of theirs at [...]


Directed by   SoWhat Type   Documentary Duration   4:43 minutes Filed under   Issue One
Mick is a sixty-three yold cockney born and raised in East London where he has remained his entire life.  In our candid and touching encounter with him he talks about the changing face of east London and his rich history of experiences within it.  Tales of a city bygone, of a people and a culture [...]


Directed by   SoWhat Type   Documentary Duration   9:53 minutes Filed under   Issue One
Graffiti artist and painter John Andrew Perello, aka JonOne, grew up in New York and as a teenager was involved in the explosive graffiti scene of the 80s, spraying walls and ‘bombing’ trains. He moved to Paris in 1987, linking into the thriving arts and graffiti scene, and has remained there ever since. We caught [...]


Directed by   Nash Edgerton Type   Short Film Duration   4:33 minutes Filed under   Issue One
‘Lucky’ is a short film written and directed by (and starring) Nash Edgerton. Nash is a filmmaker at the forefront of Australian cinema, having shot a string of award-winning shorts and recently releasing his first feature film, ‘The Square’. Originally trained as a stuntman, he is known for making very physical films which depict characters [...]

On The Road With Delta Spirit

Directed by   SoWhat Type   Documentary Duration   8:05 minutes Filed under   Issue One
An on-the-road documentary with Californian five-piece Delta Spirit on their recent tour of the UK. We trailled them for three days in a rented campervan, from Leeds to Birmingham and back down to London. This is a very real introduction to an immensely talented young band.

Lady Luck

Directed by   SoWhat, Pew36, Andy Blundell Type   Short Film Duration   9:24 minutes Filed under   Issue One
‘Lady Luck’ is a collaborative project between SoWhat, Pew36 animation studio and comic book artist Andy Blundell. It is a creative experiment, set in four parts. Each team or person was asked to create a part of the story based on what had come before. No further guidelines were given, and the nature of the [...]

Sculpture Promo

Directed by   Reuben Sutherland Type   Music Promo. Duration   1:19 minutes Filed under   Issue One
Sculpture is Dan Hayhurst (sound) and Reuben Sutherland (vision), a DIY music–animation duo who use praxinoscope record deck, tape loops, cassettes, samples, and lo-fi electronic noise, cross-fertilising analogue and digital techniques to generate vivid sonic and visual collages.

Get Up, Jucy Lordan!

Directed by   Dagie Brundert Type   Experimental Short Duration   3:35 minutes Filed under   Issue One
German filmmaker Dagie Brundert is a prolific creator of Super 8 films who has been working with this medium since 1987. We asked Dagie to create a short for our first issue working with the theme of luck. ‘Get up Jucy Lordan. Lust for Luck’ is what we received.

The Forgotten Circus

Directed by   Shelly Love Type   Music Promo. Duration   06:44 minutes Filed under   Issue One
Shelly Love is an award-winning artist and director of short films. This clip is a preview of her film, ‘The Forgotten Circus’, and a promo for The Irrepressibles and their song, ‘In This Shirt’. It was filmed using students from The Circus Space school in Hoxton, East London.


Directed by   SoWhat Type   Live Performance Duration   4:33 minutes Filed under   Issue One
The final piece of our first issue and a prelude to our next issue which is themed ‘Kids’. We catch up with Justice back home in Paris as they prepare to play an underage gig to a screaming crowd of their youngest followers.